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Some thoughts on the Sator Square

Recently I watched a series of tremendous videos on YouTube. 'Bizarro World' is a collaboration between 'Zenith of the Alpha' and 'WilliaM ƧullivaИ' and although it left my head spinning with both the connections it made and the beautifully put together editing, it's well worth a watch.

These videos put me on to the Sator Square, in fact there may have been another that first got me thinking in this way, but when I went back to look there's so many of them, here's one interpretation for instance from Ryan Seven. There are far more now since the recent Christopher Nolan movie 'Tenet' which  appears to have been written around the square, starts off in an Opera, they search for a man called Arepo, Villain called Sator, his organisation Rotas, the protagonists Tenet. etc. So this thing, for one reason or another has been brought to the attention of the human consciousness once again.

With so many looking at this for so long I don't expect any of my ideas to be original, but there were a couple of strong intuitions I got when looking at the image and I wanted to share them.  Here's the Square in question, this one featured on the Wiki page

Zenith and William's videos get a series of connections from the square which are too numerous to summarise. I've also been talking with Dan aka farmingfromscratch, he's also done a couple of decodes of this square. We both saw the suggestion of a square and compass in the carving of the 'A' letter and he went on to superimpose the shape over the square. 

The Nolan movie features the reversal of time. There are two reversed S letters at the top left and bottom right of the square. This suggests a connection and perhaps also the theme of reversal. If you draw a line connecting the S's it does a couple of things, maybe imperfectly, but symbolically at least the same line of direction can turn each of the S's into 8's. 

The broken lines above hopefully also demonstrate how the angles of the repeated R letters also suggest this line?  Here it is unbroken, not perfectly aligning, but perhaps near enough given the vagaries of stonework...

Two 8's is highly suggestive of Back to the Future. It's therefore interesting, to me at least, that the English Ordinal word value of SRNRS is:

Now I realise using English Ordinal on a square that predates modern English is a bit nuts, but, hey, have you seen the rest of this blog?  Suffice to say I think the approach of someone like Antony Morrison who uses the Greek cipher in this video is far more logical, but in a world of Mandela effects all options are now on the table. If Dolly has no braces in Moonraker, then ancient latin stonework may have meanings in English. So there!

In addition to creating two 8's, the line crosses the N making it into a shape very akin to the Extinction Rebellion hourglass, albeit inverted from that picture. Similar also to the Meta symbol recently adopted by the company formerly known as Facebook. Thanks to the very astute gaze of 'Above is Below' I know that this shape forms the rune Dagaz (7 minutes in on the above link but watch the entire video if you can) and can be found in the Skull and Bones crossed bones, the crossed swords in Freemasonry and heraldry and likely many other places. Dagaz means Daylight. Incidentally AIB has also made a great video about the Nolan Tenet movie. She only touches on the square briefly, but makes a lot of other interesting connections. 

That X shape also forms the St Andrews Cross, which is found on many a flag or other symbol of interest. It can also be found on the zodiac in the form of the mutable cross, which makes me wonder what the impact would be of superimposing the Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal crosses on the square? I think Zenith and William have more than covered what would be the fixed cross in their videos:

The Mutable cross gives us:
Tunning those numbers adds rppr, we won't duplicate the central N. That generates the 156 which is featured in video 3 of Zenith and William's Bizarro World series and which they point out is the running time of Back to the Future:
It's 660 in Hebrew Gematria. 
This is the Cardinal:

Running the numbers and the 44 and 55 jump out:

Another variation however suggested itself when I saw ET emanating North, South, East and West from the central N of the square.  In the movie, ET is lost, cut off from his world and he needs to 'phone home'. Maybe we're ET and we're trying to get back to balance as Dan often says. In which case we lose the bottom ET from the diagram and are left with a 118 which is a number soaked in symbology of one form or another:

Looking at it I wonder if the reverse reduction  of 44 suggests that spiritually we need to unite the sundered divine feminine as represented in the Chi-Rho and form the true Cardinal Crosss, turn that 44 to 88 and at that point Doc Brown tells us that 'we're gonna see some serious shit'.

Not that shit doesn't appear pretty serious already...

Thanks to anyone that's made their way through the above. Apologies for the lack of a Clockwork December, illness and another pc issue struck. ETA on that, for completion purposes alone is sometime in the near future, apocalypse permitting :)

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Some thoughts on the Sator Square

Recently I watched a series of tremendous videos on YouTube. 'Bizarro World' is a collaboration between 'Zenith of the Alpha...